#Ukraine Temporary protection card extended until 2025

Refugee and migrant rights

Armed conflicts are raging across the world, from Afghanistan to Syria and Somalia. Torture, slavery and abuse are rampant, often only because one’s religion, lifestyle or political opinions are contrary to the expectations of those in power. Sometimes it is just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time: bombings and wartime massacres take their victims indiscriminately.

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Safe and prosperous countries can fall into chaos and misery within a couple of years, resulting in millions of victims.

We believe that there is no justification for the killing, torture or humiliation of anyone. We believe that no one should be abused or imprisoned for standing up for democracy; for reporting on the truth as a journalist; for being Christian, Muslim or non-religious; for being born gay or transgender; for being conservative, liberal or a social democrat; for refusing to be sent to certain death as a soldier; or for being a woman who chooses to live on her own terms rather than according to oppressive rules forced upon her. This is why we help those who did not have the fortune to be born in free and peaceful places, but were forced to flee their homes to protect their own lives and human dignity. We defend the right to family life, since we all have the right to live together with our loved ones regardless of our nationality. We work towards a welcoming society, in which refugees, stateless persons and immigrants can also become equal and respected citizens.

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