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Statements at the OSCE Warsaw Human Dimension Conference 2023

HHC attended the OSCE Warsaw Human Dimension Conference and submitted statements on shrinking civic space, violations of the rights of migrants and asylum-seekers, freedom of assembly, and the rule of law.

Representatives of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee attended the OSCE Warsaw Human Dimension Conference, held between 2-13 October 2023.

This 10-day conference was dedicated to discussions on the condition of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the OSCE area. The conference provided a platform to evaluate the implementation of the OSCE Human Dimension commitments, and offered a forum for participants to present their current work and raise issues that they believe merit the urgent attention of the international community.

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee submitted written statements pertaining to Hungary for the OSCE Warsaw Human Dimension Conference on:

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee’s co-chair was also a speaker at a side event titled “Reviving the OSCE Commitments: How Can the Helsinki Process Start to Deliver Again for Rights Defenders in the OSCE?”, convened by the Netherlands Helsinki Committee.


Photo: Warsaw Human Dimension Conference, Opening Plenary. 2 October 2023. (OSCE/Piotr Dziubak)


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