Apply to volunteer with us!

Have you ever considered donating your free time? Would you like to participate in the work of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee? If you agree with our goals and the values we represent, volunteer with us!

Application process

Write an e-mail to
In your letter, please indicate:

  • your contact details;
  • your capacity and the limitations of your availability;
  • briefly describe what motivates you to volunteer at the Helsinki Committee;
  • what area could you help us with; and
  • if available, please provide some references.

Volunteer responsibilities where you can help

We have listed some important tasks that we often have to outsource. If none of these are close to your heart, write to us and let us know how you think you could assist us! We happily welcome all offers and support.

  • Collect a donation to Helsinki: for example, instead of buying a gift you could ask your friends to donate to the Hungarian Helsinki Committee on your birthday or other occasion;
  • Start being an online activist: help to share HHC content on social media, recruit followers, comment, report trolls, or collect newsletter subscribers;
  • Become a community organiser: put up an event poster on a bulletin board, send invitations about our events to your friends on Facebook, or share our events in relevant online communities;
  • Translate/proofread/ texts intended for the public, or interpret during consultations with foreign clients;
  • Intern with us if you are a law student and would like to gain professional experience in a human rights advisory office; or a law enforcement, rule of law or asylum programme;
  • Utilise your excellent Illustrator, Indesign or Photoshop skills to assist us with graphic design and creating animations;
  • As a good photographer, take pictures of important moments and make the pictures freely available for use by the Helsinki Committee;
  • Help with the recording and post-production of videos for Helsinki staff and their clients if you have such experience;
  • Assist with data processing: organise research materials, possibly process incoming information from public interest data requests;
  • Be a host/hostess at events: check if the arriving guests have registered in advance, collect newsletter subscribers at the event;
  • Take part in a poll or help others fill out a questionnaire; or
  • Transfer your useful knowledge: for example: IT, foreign language, online marketing, etc.).
Hungarian Helsinki Committee