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Inspired by the success of the Refugee Law Reader, the RELATE (Refugee Law Teaching Support) Initiative continues to promote the teaching of refugee law and international protection studies globally. The initiative builds on the HHC’s experience of managing the Refugee Law Reader, the first multilingual online curriculum of refugee law in the world since 2004, as well as the joint efforts of the HHC and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) since 2013 to strengthen refugee law teaching and refugee law clinic capacities in various regions of the world.


The RELATE initiative is proud to launch its newest publication on “Judicial and administrative remedies in asylum procedures in Latin America”, thanks to the collaboration of our network members. This pioneering compilation contains detailed information on the judicial and administrative remedies available in asylum procedures in 11 countries in the Latin American region.


The RELATE Initiative is pleased to present its latest gap-filling mapping study on international protection in Latin America. This paper is the result of careful research on the laws of 9 different states of the region, namely, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama and Peru, and the support of the Latin American Network on the Law and Integration of Refugees. This study sheds light on the existing statuses of international protection interpreted in a broad sense (as embraced by 2017 UNHCR guidance and by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights) available in Latin America, with the aim of supporting the work of UNHCR, serving as inspiration and building foundation for future more in-depth academic research on the field, and providing an effective tool for legislative, advocacy, litigation and other purposes both in the region and globally.

This unprecedented publication shows to what extent the Latin American region has embraced inclusive legal concepts of international protection, among others, through the significant proliferation of specific protection statuses to stateless persons, unaccompanied minors or victims of trafficking or other crimes.

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