#Ukraine Temporary protection card extended until 2025

Information for refugees from Ukraine

Информация для ищущих убежища из Украины. Інформація для біженців із України.

Hungarian Helsinki Committee

Your rights, our mission

We are a non-governmental watchdog organisation that protects human dignity and the rule of law through legal intervention and public advocacy. We provide assistance to refugees, detainees and victims of violence committed by law enforcement agencies.

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Rule of law

We defend democratic values, the rule of law and strong civil society

We believe that nobody should be defenceless in the face of power, and that laws should apply to all of us equally. We want to live in a country where the government does not have unlimited power, where our disputes are decided by independent and impartial courts, and where the rules are adopted in a transparent manner. This is why we work to restore the rule of law in Hungary.  

in defence of the rule of law

Refugee and migrant rights

We defend the right to asylum and international protection

We believe that no one should be killed, tortured or imprisoned because they belong to a minority group or because they think differently from what the government expects. We believe that helping people who flee from war, violence and oppression is not only legal obligation, but also a moral duty, which we would also expect to rely on if we were their shoes. This is why we have been providing free legal assistance to those seeking protection in Hungary for decades, and this is why we advocate for the rights of refugees and other vulnerable migrants at the international level.

refugee and Migrant rights


We defend the rights of detainees and the fairness of the criminal justice system

It is important for us to be able to live in a just, civilized country where the means of criminal justice are used when necessary and applied in a way that complies with the principles of justice, domestic and international law. That is why we have been working for decades for fair, law-abiding policing, fair criminal proceedings and decent prison conditions.

Fighting for justice

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