#Ukraine Temporary protection card extended until 2025

Temporary protection card extended until 2025

The Hungarian government has extended the temporary protection of people from Ukraine living in Hungary for another year.

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Váltás magyarra
The validity period of the temporary protection card of foreign citizens is automatically extended pursuant to Article 3 of 30/2024 (22.II.) Government Decree. People fleeing from Ukraine can continue to legally live in Hungary, work, rent an apartment, go to school and use health services. They do not need to renew their cards at the authority, they will certainly remain valid until March 4, 2025.


Three more important changes:

  • The caregivers of persons with disabilities are now eligible for subsidized accommodation as they are included in the category of vulnerable people.
  • Persons who reapply for temporary protection after their previous application was rejected with a final decision are no longer eligible for subsidized accommodation during the procedure.
  • If the municipality arranges for the funeral of a TP holder in Hungary, the municipality can be reimbursed for the affiliated costs from NDGAP.

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