Dedicate 1% of your taxes to protect human rights!

Don’t forget to use your 1% tax! You can request that 1% of your Hungarian personal income tax be donated to support the activities of a non-profit organisation without any loss to your income until May 21th. Donate 1% of your income tax to the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, the leading organization in the fight for the rule of law and against xenophobia in Hungary.


The easiest way to donate your 1% is through the “client gateway”.

  1. If you have a client gateway, visit
  2. Use the Google Translate plugin to translate the page and sign in.
  3. Once identified, select the 1 + 1% declaration on the right and complete it!

Enter our tax number in the beneficiary box:

Our Tax Number: 19013983-1-42

Why support the work of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee with your 1%?

We are the lead organisation in the fight against growing xenophobia in Hungary. If you are a foreigner living in Hungary, we work directly for you as well. Your contribution will help us continue to give legal assistance to the most vulnerable people and their families.

We provide 100% civil protection.

  • We recently won the EU Civil Solidarity Prize for opposing the Hungarian Government’s use of the ‘state of danger’ as a pretext for undermining the rule of law and restricting freedoms. In five years, this is the 9th major international recognition of our work;
  • We provided free legal assistance to 903 people last year regarding cases of violations related to detention, police action and official abuse of power;
  • Our Refugee Programme provided legal assistance to 3 746 people during last year. Most of these asylum-seekers forced to flee the world’s most conflict- and terror-affected countries;
  • Since 24 February 2022, we have continuously been on duty, doing what we are good at: providing information, free legal assistance and accessible information notes for those who have to flee Ukraine. We are also responding to questions from international organizations and the media about the current situation;
  • Unique in Europe, we won 15 cases at the European Court of Human Rights in 2023.

1% from you, 100% from us! 

Donating your 1% by non-digital means

You can donate by post, or in person at one of the Hungarian Tax Authority’s (NAV) customer service offices by filing form 23EGYSZA. Please enter the Hungarian Helsinki Committee’s tax number in the box for the beneficiary: 19013983-1-42

If your employer is preparing your personal income tax return for you but you do not want them to know who you are donating to, you can send the above form to NAV separately later.

Hungarian Helsinki Committee