Information and legal assistance for refugees from Ukraine

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee assists refugees from Ukraine. Asylum seekers can count on us.

Since 24 February, we have continuously been on duty, doing what we are good at: providing information, free legal assistance and accessible information notes for those who have to flee Ukraine. We are also responding to questions from international organizations and the media about the current situation.

Information for people fleeing from Ukraine

Last updated on 28 March 2022

Information on the protection of children fleeing from Ukraine


Millions of children have been forced to leave Ukraine since the beginning of the war. They are in a particularly vulnerable situation, which is why they require an additional measure of legal and social support.

You can read our information leaflet here or download it here!

We have gathered recurring questions that refugees from Ukraine have asked our staff and that we have not covered in our information leaflet. The document can be downloaded and distributed in Hungarian, English, Ukrainian and Russian.


Gyakran ismételt kérdések válaszokkal (HU)

Frequently asked questions with answers (EN)



Other aid organizations

You can contact the following organizations if you need help with questions that are not legal.

Cordelia Foundation provides psychological assistance with psychiatrists, psychologists, special therapists, trained interpreters and other helpers to those people fleeing Ukraine. 

Contact details: 


Next Step Association’s ongoing mental health program is now offering free mental health support for those struggling with the recent changes imposed on them by the war waged on Ukraine. They have set up a free delivery and pick-up centre in their office in the city centre of Budapest, where all those who have fled the Ukrainian crisis are welcome to pick up essential items to make their lives easier. (food & clothes & personal hygiene)

Contact details: 


The mobile team of the Menedék Association can help with answering questions related the the following topics: residency, family reunification, applying for jobs, long term settlement, access to health care and information related to education. After a needs assessment, they can also organise programmes for children and access to psychological support. 

Contact info: Accommodation centres can apply for the free help here, while private persons providing accommodation should request help via email:


The Jesuit Refugee Service helps the people fleeing from Ukraine with an accommodation programme. The JRS also helps the refugee children’s access to schools by organising teaching material on Hungarian as a foreign language and by organising workshops to children. 



The Lutherans help the people fleeing Ukraine with accommodation, counselling, clothes, food and medicine.

Contact: Andrási Júlia: +36205133152


The Baptist Aid helps the people fleeing from Ukraine by providing – amongst other things – the following services: information, hot meals, provisional accommodation, organising travels, counselling and help to find a job. 



Community programmes in Mira Ház on weekdays between 3-7 pm: programmes for children, families, yoga for women, sports, Hungarian language classes, free internet, information provision and a cup of tea. The volunteer mentors trained by Artemisszió also help refugees and private individuals providing accommodation to refugees. 


Updates on the protection situation in Hungary

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee provides regular, reliable information on the situation at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border and of refugees fleeing Ukraine due to the Russian invasion.

Our updates on the protection situation in Hungary:

Analysis on what Hungary is asking additional funds for from the European Union is here.

Information leaflets for refugees are available in Hungarian, Ukrainian, English, and Russian here.

In case of questions:

We do what we have always been doing: protect the rights of refugees

Since February 24 our colleagues helped by giving 

  • 846 phone responses,
  • 1255 email responses,
  • 428 Facebook responses,
  • 98 responses to the media,
  • 84 responses to other organizations.
  • We talked to 1793 people along the border.
  • We updated our information note on temporary protection 8 times, which is available in 4 languages.
  • We held 22 training sessions for students, volunteers, and civil society actors.

You can support us so that we can continue helping more people


  1. Support us with donations, it will help us continue offering high quality and free legal assistance for those in need.
  2. If you work in Hungary, you can donate 1% of your Hungarian personal income tax to support the activities of a non-profit organisation.
  3. Read and share our information leaflets and news with groups in which you are active.

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