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Annual reports

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The Hungarian Helsinki Committee places great emphasis on the transparency and openness of its activities in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.

Here are our activity reports:

Audit reports:


There are different methods to show the revenues of an NGO. In these “HHC sources of income” tables, you can find all the sources of income the HHC received in a given year. This covers all the funds that have been transferred to us, regardless of their origin or in which budget year the given income was spent. This provides the most accessible overview for anyone without a finance-accounting background.

Our financial audit reports (also publicly available in English since 2019) include a simplified Profit and Loss Statement. These tables are calculated with a different method, based on the applicable Hungarian regulations. Here, the incomes that appear in the “subsidies” line are meant to be spent in the given year. A simple example: the European Commission transfers to the HHC a grant in 2022, which will cover costs for a two-year project starting in January 2023. As income, the entire grant will appear in 2022 (when the transfer was received). In the annual audit reports, the grant will appear in 2023 and 2024, proportionately (when we use the funds to cover specific costs). This explains why you may see different amounts in financial reports made with different methods.

We also publish our detailed annual financial reports, fulfilling our obligations under Hungarian law. These are available here.

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