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Information for people fleeing from Ukraine

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Our updated guide is available in four languages: Hungarian, English, Ukranian, Russian.

Individuals fleeing from Ukraine have different options in Hungary based on their citizenship. This document collects the most important pieces of information. Detailed information is available on the website helsinki.hu/en/ukr

I am a Ukrainian citizen and have fled Ukraine to Hungary.

Ukrainian citizens holding biometric passports are free to remain in the European Union for 3 months, and may move about freely. A biometric passport is a passport with a microchip inside the document.

In theory, Ukrainian citizens not holding a biometric passport may not travel from Hungary to other member states of the European Union. In the current situation, however, it may differ from country to country whether someone is allowed to cross the border without a biometric passport. The respective countries’ embassies and immigration authorities are able to provide up-to-date information on the situation.

The European Union has decided to provide temporary protection to those Ukrainian citizens and their families who lived in Ukraine prior to 24 February 2022. This arrangement is known as temporary protection status. We describe the nature of this arrangement later. For purposes of these regulations, family members include the individual’s married spouse or common-law partner, minor children and family members residing in the same household. Family members are entitled to the same protection even if they are not Ukrainian citizens.

For more information, see: https://helsinki.hu/en/information-for-ukrainian-citizens-and-their-families-fleeing-ukraine-en/

I am an individual recognised as a refugee by Ukraine, and I have now fled to Hungary.

Those who had been granted asylum earlier in Ukraine are entitled to the same temporary protection in Hungary as Ukrainian citizens. Family members of refugees recognised as such in Ukraine are also entitled to temporary protection status.

I am a Hungarian citizen and I have fled to Hungary from Ukraine.

Hungarian citizens cannot request temporary protection, since they are returning home to Hungary and can remain in the country indefinitely without any special permit. In the current situation, however, Hungarian citizens fleeing from Ukraine are entitled to the same services as Ukrainian citizens requesting protection.

I am neither a Hungarian nor a Ukrainian citizen, but used to live in Ukraine and have fled to Hungary.

Unfortunately, those who are neither Hungarian nor Ukrainian citizens cannot request temporary protection, not even if they are afraid to return to their own country. We ask such individuals and those assisting them to reach out to us as soon as possible.

For those who wish to remain in Hungary only for a short period of time (because they intend to return to their own country of origin), the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing (OIF) will issue a “temporary residence permit.” This document is issued by the OIF for a period of 1-3 months, and entitles the holder to remain in Hungary. It is important to note that this document does not allow the individual to cross national borders within the EU. If the individual concerned has no lodging, they can request the OIF to determine a place of lodging for them.

For additional information, see: Information for non-Ukrainian citizens fleeing from Ukraine.


The Hungarian Helsinki Committee stands by those fleeing from Ukraine. Asylum seekers can continue to count on us: we provide them with professional legal assistance, free of charge, from consultation to legal representation. We have collected the most frequent questions, with the answers, in this document: https://helsinki.hu/en/frequently-asked-questions-and-answers-for-refugees-from-ukraine/

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Information for people fleeing from Ukraine. 




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