Information for nonUkrainian citizens fleeing from Ukraine

This leaflet has useful information for you if you don’t have Ukrainian nationality, but you lived in Ukraine and you had to leave Ukraine because of the war.

This leaflet is NOT for you if

• You have Ukrainian or Hungarian nationality; or

• Your close family member has Ukrainian nationality; or

• You lived as a recognised refugee in Ukraine.

In any of these cases, please read the general leaflet:

Информация для спасающихся из Украины граждан не Украины (RU)

Інформація для не громадян України, що рятуються з України (UA)



Entry and stay in Hungary
  • Can I enter and stay in Hungary?

Yes, you can, if you are arriving directly from Ukraine. You can enter even if you do not have the necessary documents (like a passport). If you want to enter from any other country, the general rules apply. This means that if people from your country usually need a visa to enter the “Schengen Area”, you will need a visa to enter Hungary.

When you enter Hungary, you will be taken to a registration point close to the border. The authority will register your personal data there. You will have to show that you were residing legally in Ukraine. You can do this by showing your Ukrainian residence card, for example. Then, you will receive a temporary residence permit (in Hungarian: ‘ideiglenes tartózkodásra jogosító igazolás’). This document is valid for minimum 1 month and maximum 3 months at each occassion. The authority can later extend this document for a maximum of 3 months. It is important to get this temporary residence permit, as this document proves that you have the right to stay in Hungary.

If you entered Hungary and you did not get a temporary residence permit, you should apply for it as soon as possible. For this, go to any immigration office (you can find their addresses here: If you are in Budapest, you can only go to one immigration client service. Its address is: 1108 Budapest, Harmat utca 131. It is open every day between 8 and 16 o’clock (8 AM and 4 PM).

  • Can I apply for temporary protection (‘menedékes’) status in Hungary?

No. Only Ukrainian nationals and their family members can apply for temporary protection (‘menedékes’) status in Hungary. ‘Family members’ are: husband/wife, partner, child under 18 years and relatives who live in the same household. People who received refugee status in Ukraine are also entitled to temporary protection.

  • I was an asylum-seeker in Ukraine. Can I enter Hungary?

Yes. If you asked for refugee status in Ukraine, but have not yet received refugee status there, you can enter Hungary (see Question 1). We recommend you to contact the Hungarian Helsinki Committee for free legal assistance as soon as possible.

  • I am stateless. Can I enter Hungary?

Yes (see Question 1). If you are stateless, you can also ask for stateless status in Hungary. Contact the Hungarian Helsinki Committee for free legal assistance as soon as possible. See more information about this procedure in our leaflet for stateless persons:


What can I do if get a temporary residence permit (‘ideiglenes tartózkodásra jogosító igazolás’)?
  • Can I travel to other EU countries with a temporary residence permit?

No. This document does not allow you to cross EU borders. If you want to travel to another European country, you may need a visa. The embassies can give information on the immigration rules of each country. If embassies are busy and they do not respond, you can contact non-governmental organisations which help refugees in that country. See here a list of such organisations:

  • I have nowhere to stay or sleep in Hungary. What can I do with a temporary residence permit?

If you do not have a place to stay or sleep, you can get help from the Hungarian authorities. Tell this to the immigration officer who issues your temporary residence permit.  The immigration authority will find a place where you can stay/sleep.

  • Can I get any other assistance with the temporary residence permit?

No. This document does not give you a right to any other type of assistance from the Hungarian state. But you can contact civil organisations who help Ukrainian refugees?

  • Can I get healthcare with a temporary residence permit?

You only have the right to emergency healthcare and to mandatory vaccinations.

  • Can I work with the temporary residence permit?


  • Can I extend the temporary residence permit?

You can request the immigration authority to extend (renew) your temporary residence permit. You can only do this, if you cannot travel back home and there is no other country that would let you enter. You have to show the authority the reasons why you are not able to travel back home. The temporary residence permit can be extended for a maximum of 3 months at each occassion. You can apply for an extension at the local immigration office. If you are in Budapest go to the immigration office in Harmat utca 131, in Budapest only this office receives such applications).


Other types of residence permits

If you want to stay in Hungary for a longer period, you will have to apply for a residence permit. There are different types of residence permits, all of them have different conditions. You can get a residence permit for the purpose of study, traineeship, employment, etc. For more information, see the website of the immigration authority:

If you need free legal assistance when applying for a residence permit please write to and

If you are afraid to return to your country of origin

If you think that you would have serious human rights problems at home, you should have the right to apply for asylum (refugee status) in Hungary. For example, this can happen if you would have to suffer torture, beating, detention or your life would be at risk, because of your political opinion or religion, because you belong to a minority group, or because you are gay, lesbian or transgender. Asylum/refugee status is not the same as temporary protection. Getting asylum/refugee status is very difficult in Hungary, so if you are afraid to go home, contact the Hungarian Helsinki Committee for free legal assistance as soon as possible.


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