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Human rights NGOs file report for incitement to hatred

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Váltás magyarra

On 23 June 2009, the HHC, the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, the Chance for Children Foundation and the Legal Defense Bureau for National and Ethnic Minorities filed a criminal report against T. P., a well-known blogger for the crime of incitement against communities. On 16 June 2009, T. P. posted on his blog statements capable of inciting hatred against communities. (E.g.: “An atmosphere must be established in Hungary that is unbearable for Gypsies. They must be oppressed, excluded from public life and culture, and any of their ethnic expressions mercilessly suppressed. Their spine must be broken.”) In their report, the NGOs stated that the overall message of the incriminating blog entry is no doubt capable of incitement, especially in light of the multiple lethal crimes committed by unknown persons against Roma individuals during the past year, which, according to the investigating authorities, were racially motivated. In this atmosphere, statements calling for violence against members of the Gypsy community are particularly dangerous to public order and social harmony. The fact that his website is widely known and has many is also relevant when assessing its potential to incite hatred and disrupt social order. Based on the above the NGOs asked the public prosecutor’s office to act against T. P. on the reasonable suspicion of inciting hatred against a community, and requested that the necessary steps be taken in order to remove the material being the basis of the report.

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