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Anti-discrimination trainings (2008)

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Váltás magyarra

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee provides anti-discrimination trainings to various actors. In 2008, a training was delivered to NGO activists and trade union representatives, and a diversity management training was devised and provided to HR managers of 25 large for-profit companies.

Employers’ commitment to anti-discrimination is the indispensable condition of the fulfillment of equality of chance in labor. Effective access to justice and legal defense provided by legal institutions are insufficient in themselves- a radical change of approach, the establishment of humane strategies that resolve discrimination in firms and their widespread practice are needed. Therefore, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee endeavors to raise the awareness of the public on the presence of discrimination in employment, and to influence the humane strategies of the companies by organizing trainings for their humane resource managers. The Committee mainly organizes trainings for the humane resource mangers of medium and large-sized enterprises in order to provide them widespread knowledge on equal treatment and equality of chance, and therefore to develop the decision-makers’ sensibility on the fulfillment of anti-discrimination and equal treatment in the business sphere.

As a member of an NGO coalition, in February 2008 the HHC delivered legal and sensitising training on discrimination to 60 judges at Hungary’s JudicialA cademy. These programs were supported by various donors, including the European Commission and the Hungarian National Employment Fund.


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