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The Law Firm Network recognizes HHC’s work

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Márta Pardavi, co-chair of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee received the award on behalf of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee at the annual conference of the Law Firm Network (LFN).

At the event held in mid-October in Budapest, the HHC was commended for its wide-ranging activities and for providing legal aid to people who would otherwise have no chance of legal representation.

Márta Pardavi, co-chair of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee received the award at the annual conference of the Law Firm Network (LFN)

“For decades, a courageous group of Hungarian lawyers and other experts have been working tirelessly to ensure the full and complete protection of the rights of vulnerable people in the country. This is a very honourable commitment. Many vulnerable people of various faith, nationality, religion and gender would need the support, knowledge and experience of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee. So there is much to respect the extraordinary work of this human rights organization,” the award winner was by András Szecskay, Head of the Szecskay Law Office.

The Szecskay Law Office, the Hungarian affiliate of the LFN, has been closely cooperating with the Hungarian Helsinki Committee. The law firm has done a lot to mobilise Hungarian lawyers to support Ukrainian refugees with pro bono work, for whom the Hungarian Helsinki Committee is the main provider of legal assistance.

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee receives an international award

“The activities of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee range from protecting the rule of law to the issues of the criminal justice system, detention and asylum. These seemingly distant areas of work are connected by human rights. We are called human rights defenders for a good reason. At the same time, legal aid is really just one way to help our vulnerable clients in difficult situations through law and publicity,” thanked Márta Pardavi, HHC co-chair, the LFN for the award.

The Law Firm Network was founded in 1989, is present in more than 52 countries on five continents and has around 1,000 lawyers as members.

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