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HHC turns to the Supreme Court in freedom of information case

The HHC’s project “Steps Towards a Transparent Appointment System in Criminal Legal Aid” is aimed at acquiring statistical data about the practice of appointment and promoting reform of the system with the aim of reducing the possibility of corruption. As part of the project, the HHC has requested data concerning the names of appointed counsels and the number of cases in which they were appointed in 2008 from 28 police headquarters in seven regions.

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The HHC has sued all 11 police units which refused to provide the requested information. The lawsuits have been launched on a count of unlawful denial of access to data of public interest. Almost all of the final decisions ruled in favor of the HHC and obliged the respondent police organs to provide the requested information. However, there was one case (affecting a county and a local police headquarters) where the second instance decision ruled that data on the name of the ex officio appointed legal counsels and the number of their appointments are personal data that may not be shared with anyone without the prior consent of the data owner. The HHC submitted a request for the review of the second instance decision to the Supreme Court.


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