#Ukraine Temporary protection card extended until 2025

What Hungary is asking money for

The Hungarian Government requested additional funding under the Recovery and Resilience Facility from the European Commission in the Prime Minister’s letter of 18 March 2022. Hungary’s Recovery and Resilience Plan is yet to be approved due to serious concerns regarding anti-corruption measures and the rule of law. Per the letter of 18 March, the request for additional funds is justified in part by “We [Hungary] have received more than 450 000 people so far who have fled before the war and from the war. We provide humanitarian assistance to those who come to us and those in need in Transcarpathia.”

The Hungarian government seeks additional funding from the RRF citing misleading figures to be poured into an asylum system that in its separate elements and in its entirety is in breach of EU law, all while failing to meet procedural and substantive requirements of how RRPs shall be devised and what concerns it must address.

Our note explaining why the cited figure is misleading and where additional EU funds would be flowing is available here.


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