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Reporting form on abuses committed at the Hungarian border

Since the beginning of this spring, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee (HHC) has been receiving a growing number of alarming reports from asylum-seekers and various NGOs and individuals working at the Hungarian-Serbian border about serious abuses and ill-treatments committed against asylum-seekers. While these reports show a clear trend of increasing violence, more specific information is needed to trigger the authorities’ action to investigate abuses.
The HHC is releasing the “Reporting form on abuses committed at the Hungarian border” in order to provide a structured and standardized framework for NGOs and volunteers to report such incidents. Our aim is to allow people to conduct interviews with victims of violence in a way that enhances the HHC’s work towards eliminating ill-treatment against migrants and refugees.

The form can be downloaded here.

Completed forms should either be sent to us with any additional relevant materials (photos, scans, videos, voice recordings) to helsinki@helsinki.hu or you can fill it out online here.

The HHC keeps all personal information shared with the HHC fully confidential and will not disclose them to third parties.

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