András Léderer

Senior advocacy officer

I joined the Hungarian Helsinki Committee in September 2015, as the refugee programme’s advocacy officer. Before joining the team, I earned my BSc (terrorism, conflict, and security) at Aberystwyth and my MSc (violence, conflict, and development) at SOAS. Although I’m mostly involved in HHC’s advocacy related to international protection and the rule of law, I take every opportunity to be on the field; this means, in practice, Serbia where I document (often violent) push-backs for litigation purposes. Through training, networking and advocacy I also support grassroots groups working on this issue.

My PhD research focuses on the relationship between speech and trauma caused by intractable conflicts. Although I largely work on Chechnya, I left my heart in the Southern Caucasus: I consider Georgia my second home. I teach a course I also co-developed, the sociology of terrorism, for BA and MA students at ELTE, Hungary’s largest university.

Working in today’s Hungary on these issues with my colleagues (many of whom happen to be my friends) is not only a great privilege. For me, this is simply the only thing that makes sense.

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