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Conducting strategic communications and advocacy in complex policy environments (Harness project)

Giving continuity to their cooperation, in the past months, the HHC and the Dutch Council for Refugees (DCR) collaborated on the project Conducting strategic communications and advocacy in complex policy environments, funded by EPIM (European Programme for Integration and Migration).

The purpose of the project was to exchange knowledge and develop new strategies to communicate and advocate for the human rights of migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees more effectively in the increasingly complex policy environments in Hungary and Europe.

The activities of this project included the completion of a comprehensive 3-day study-visit agenda in Amsterdam and Brussels: a 1-day training on advocacy developed and facilitated by Impactrack, a briefing for DCR staff on the situation in Hungary, a number of peer-to-peer meetings with DCR staff from different departments and with ‘external’, professional marketing, community outreach and communication experts, as well as meetings with ECRE, EPIM, two MEPs; and a lunch briefing with MEPs in Brussels.

The training and practice-based learning on Advocacy and campaigning for refugee rights, in polarized political climates was open to experts from partner NGOs in the Netherlands and was, in addition to DCR and HHC staff, attended by Amnesty NL, the Netherlands Helsinki Committee, and MSF Netherlands.

The presentation of the training created by ImpactTrack can be found here.

Further links:

Dutch Council for Refugees (DCR): https://www.vluchtelingenwerk.nl/artikel/dutch-council-refugees

European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM): https://www.epim.info/

Conducting strategic communications and advocacy in complex policy environments



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