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7th Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

The 7th Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival will be held between  2-7 November 2010 in Budapest. Two of the cinemas in Budapest will show the exciting documentaries, Toldi and Cirko-Gejzír.

This year Verzio offers you an exciting roadmap of contemporary and historical documentaries; make your own itinerary and get going!

The Hungarian Hesinki Committee as during previous years will again take an active role in the program of the festival. Especially regarding one of the movies that will be shown. ‘The arrivals’ is a French movie on migration.  After the movie a discussion will be held within the particpation of Gábor Gyulai, programme coordinator of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee and Szász Ildikó programme coordinator of Menedék Association  The moderator will be: Dr. Nagy Boldizsár, International law professor of  ELTE University and CEU. The film will be shown on the 5th of November 2010 at 3:30 p.m. in Toldi.

The arrivals is a close-up of an immigration centre in Paris: asylum seekers and social workers struggling through the maze of asylum procedures.


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