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100 Unique Christmas Gifts from the Hungarian Helsinki Committee

In 2020 we spent a lot of time at home. Since we are staring at the walls most of the time, why don’t we stare at a picture that represents the principles and values important to us? At the HHC we also believe and work toward such principles and values: human rights The holiday season is a perfect time to support these values and an organisation that works for them.

From now until Christmas, every supporter who donates at least 36 € to the Hungarian Helsinki Committee will receive a Risograph print designed especially for this occasion (while stock lasts).

Only 100 numbered pictures have been created. Due to the peculiarities of Risograph printing technology, every print is distinctive. This is what makes this gift truly unique.

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and become the owner of a unique print!


What makes Risograph printing special?

The Risograph was invented in Japan in 1986 by the Riso Kagaku Corporation. It applies paint colour by colour and layer by layer in a process very similar to screen printing. Since it handles every colour layer separately, every print slightly differs from the digital version. Printing is not as precise as other printing technologies; the few millimetres difference make every copy unique and special. Furthermore, compared to other colour printing techniques, Risograph printing is more environmentally-friendly. The printer uses soy-based paint, there are no harmful emissions and power consumption is lower.


How a Risograph print is made

The graphic was designed and printed by Hurrikán Press. We met Árpád Szigeti and Zsófi Rumi in their workshop in person to agree on the outlines of a print that has no direct association with our organisation yet still conveys its principles. The print they created is not just something that people who believe in the cause of human rights can easily identify with, but a piece of art that can decorate homes and be a great gift to loved ones this Christmas.


How to get a HHC Riso print?

Everyone who donates at least 36 € to the Hungarian Helsinki Committee between November 16 and Christmas receives one numbered print. Donations can be made online. When making the donation via credit card or bank transfer, please do not forget to provide your contact details so we can contact you to arrange the hand-off!

Since the picture is printed in two colour schemes, early bird supporters will have the opportunity to choose from two colour versions.


What this picture means to us?

Playing is one of the fundamental ways for humans to experience the world around them, a form of making connections and mutual understanding, and a catalyst for individuals to form a community. We imagine our playground full of personal challenges, dynamics, courage and trust; and through them, we find hope, happiness and success together. There is a set of rules when you play, but also immense freedom, which can be experienced to the fullest when we pay attention to our playmates. To some degree, the same applies to the law. In this global playground we can only gain from being fair to our playmates. We make our experience richer if we provide others the opportunity to join this playground.

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