2015. 09. 18.

No Country for Refugees – Information Note

New asylum rules deny protection to refugees and lead to unprecedented human rights violations in Hungary

2015. 09. 16.

Tightening criminal rules targeting refugees

As of 15 September 2015 three new provisions were introduced to the Criminal Code, which violate the human rights of the refugees concerned. Short analysis of the HHC.

2015. 08. 14.

Latest text of Asylum Law and rules

Asylum Act and implementing rules & National list of safe countries, August 2015

2015. 08. 07.

Facts & Figures on Immigration and Asylum in ...

Quick fix to the myths

2015. 08. 06.

New asylum rules endanger access to protection

HHC Information Note on the changes to Asylum Act that took effect on 1 August 2015 and its expected impact

2015. 07. 07.

Practitioner Training on the EU Roadmap Directives

Fair Trials and the Hungarian Helsinki Committee organized a practitioner training on 19-21 June in Budapest attended by lawyers from Croatia, Slovenia, the Netherlands and Hungary. The training provided presentations delivered by experts of the Fair Trials on ...

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