2014. 03. 20.

ELENA course – credibility assessment in asylum claims

A training course for legal representatives, lawyers specialized on asylum cases and NGO practitioners, Madrid 5-7 May 2014

2014. 03. 19.

Fairness of Elections in Danger – Guardians of ...

Last week’s dismal decisions of the Hungarian Constitutional Court (CC), the National Electoral Commission and the Data Protection Authority (DPA) have proved former concerns of human rights NGOs correct: institutions, which ought to be independent and have the ...

2014. 02. 27.

Nationality Unknown?

An overview of the safeguards and gaps related to the prevention of statelessness at birth in Hungary

2014. 01. 27.

New information leaflets for asylum seekers in 10 ...

New information leaflets for asylum seekers are now available in 10 languages! The publication was supported by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

2013. 12. 10.

Rule of law under attack – Joint statement ...

New laws adopted by the Hungarian Parliament raise concerns again in terms of human rights and the rule of law, while most of the previous objections raised by international bodies regarding Hungarian developments remain unanswered. The AEDH and ...

2013. 12. 04.

EDAL Conference January 2014 – registration open

Reflections on the Current Application of the EU Asylum Acquis, European conference on asylum will be held in Dublin between 17 and 18 January 2014 at Hilton Charlemont Hotel.

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