2015. 03. 25.

Hungary’s Government Has Taken Control of the Constitutional ...

The Hungarian government has filled the Constitutional Court with loyal judges to create a judicial rubber stamp for government interests, according to a study by the Eötvös Károly Institute, the HHC and the HCLU of recent Constitutional Court ...

2015. 03. 12.

Information note: Government plans to breach EU asylum ...

Information note on Hungarian government plans to breach EU asylum law and to subject asylum-seekers to massive detention and immediate deportation

2015. 03. 11.

Pilot judgment on prison overcrowding

In its judgment issued today, the European Court of Human Rights set out that Hungary should produce within six months a plan for reducing overcrowding in its penitentiaries. The judgment concluded that the prohibition of inhuman or degrading ...

2015. 01. 16.

HHC multidisciplinary manual on credibility assessment – second ...

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee (HHC) has launched the second volume of the multidisciplinary training manual “Credibility Assessment in Asylum Procedures”.

2014. 11. 28.

“Disrupted Flight – The Realities of Separated Refugee ...

New report on the implementation of the right to family reunification for people in need of international protection in the European Union.

2014. 11. 21.

Disrespect for European Values in Hungary, 2010-2014

An assessment of the current deficiencies of the rule of law, democracy, pluralism and respect for human rights in Hungary.

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