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World Refugee Day – 1 out of 40,000: Karox

Today is World Refugee Day.

Each year hundreds of thousands leave their home due to wars, hunger, torture and persecution globally. In Europe, although often perceived as a safe region, asylum-seekers are often met by refusal, detention and expulsion.

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee works towards providing effective assistance to those fleeing to Hungary.

For today, we made a film about a young client of ours who came to Hungary alone as a child, but the Hungarian state simply threw him out into Serbia.

World Refugee Day – 1 out of 40,000: Karox from Magyar Helsinki Bizottság

In 2017, the 16-year-old Karox was forced into the Serbian wilderness by the Hungarian police at a dawn in June, even though the Iraqi boy would have had a place in the children’s home in Fót as an unaccompanied minor. The authorities were also aware of this. The fact that Karox’s fate finally turned well is due solely to the civilians who helped him.
On the occasion of World Refugee Day, we would like to present his exceptionally fortunate story.

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