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Information note: Government plans to breach EU asylum law

Information note on Hungarian government plans to breach EU asylum law and to subject asylum-seekers to massive detention and immediate deportation

Hungary’s government is planning to introduce measures to reduce the number of asylum seekers in the country, which experts fear, will go against EU law.

According to the HHC, the plans publicly announced by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and other government officials include passing legislation that would enable authorities to immediately detain and return all migrants entering irregularly in Hungary, including asylum seekers; accelerate asylum procedures so that decisions can be taken within a few days; oblige irregular migrants and asylum seekers to work while in Hungary in order to “earn their keep”.

“These plans would not only violate EU lawand other international obligations, but following on a series of attacks on the rule of law since 2010, they would further undermine the country’s commitment to European democratic values. The government repeatedly confirmed that they are aware that the planned amendments would breach EU law, yet they are prepared to go against “Brussels’s will”, HHC said.

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