Get help: Refugee and migrant rights

We provide assistance for refugees and stateless people; family reunification; expulsion and deportation; and hate crimes against foreigners.

What kind of cases can we help with?

We provide legal assistance in the below listed areas. We can only provide legal representation in a limited number of cases, depending on our capacity.

  • Refugee cases

    We can help if you:
    ● have been forced to leave your country (for example due to war, torture, ill-treatment) or if you are unable to return to your country due to such a problem; and
    ● if you want protection in Hungary.

    Information leaflet on asylum can found down below ↓

  • Statelessness

    If you are not a citizen of any country, we can help you to receive stateless status in Hungary.

    You can find the information leaflet on statelessness down below ↓

  • Family reunification

    We can assist you if you:
    ● are a Hungarian citizen, refugee or beneficiary of subsidiary protection living in Hungary;
    ● your family members are non-EU citizens; and
    ● you want these family members to be able to come join you and live with you here in Hungary.

    Information leaflet on family reunification down below ↓

  • Expulsion and deportation

    We can assist you if your basic human rights have been violated by the expulsion decision. For example, you are facing expulsion and you are a family member of a Hungarian citizen, or you are in serious danger in your home country.

  • Crimes committed against foreigners or because of prejudice against foreigners

    We help you if a crime has been committed against you because you are a foreigner or because your attackers think you are a foreigner (this is called a hate crime).

    You can find the information leaflet on hate crimes down below ↓

Information for people fleeing from Ukraine

The government recognised the vast majority of people fleeing Ukraine as eligible for temporary protection by a decree on the night of 24 February. This is a temporary form of protection that can be granted quickly, and the main facts about it are summarised below. The Hungarian Helsinki Committee will help people fleeing from Ukraine. As before, asylum seekers can count on us to provide them with professional and free legal assistance, from counselling to representation.

Information for people fleeing from Ukraine. 

You can contact us here:


Click on the ‘Contact us and request help’ or on the ‘Start contact form’ button and fill out the contact form! We will respond within a few weeks. We will respond even if we cannot help you.

There are two ways we can help:

  1. Legal advice: this means telling or writing what legal options you have. However, we cannot write your submissions for you and we cannot represent you in court. 
  2. Legal representation: we will write your submissions and represent you before the authorities and the court. 

After discussing your case with our attorneys, we can tell you if we are able to provide you with legal representation in court. 

Where can you go if we can’t help? We have gathered the Hungarian NGOs you can turn to for help.


If the ‘Contact us and request help’ or the ‘Start contact form’ buttons do not function or you have further questions, you may reach us at the following contacts:

  • email:
  • postal address: Hungarian Helsinki Committee
    P.O. box 317, 1242 Budapest
  • phone: (+36 1) 321 4323, (+36 1) 321 4327 or (+36 1) 321 4141 on workdays.

Please do not come to our office without an appointment, because we will not be able to consult you if you do not have an appointment.


The information you provide will only be shared within the Hungarian Helsinki Committee for professional consultation reasons. We do not share this information with anyone else. To learn more, read our Data Privacy Policy below  ↓

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